Wind Fish Motion Pictures Ltd. develops, funds, produces and markets the feature films of producer Juliusz Kossakowski. Motion pictures ideally are a delicate balance between art and commerce, needing to achieve emotional resonance, intellectual stimulation, and box office green to be fully successful. The art and science have been around since 1894, yet each picture is a start-up with it's own unique concept, target audience, business plan and operations management. Digital production and distribution are just another new phase in a long history of evolution and adaptation form silent movies to talkies, the advent of television, to home video, dvd, piratebay and now streaming. Story telling is as old as humanity and without it we are that much less.

What ChatGPT (the word of God circa 2024) has to say:

Juliusz Kossakowski is a prominent film producer known for his contributions to the film industry. His professional activity primarily revolves around film production and investment in independent cinema. Kossakowski has been involved in numerous film projects, ranging from independent features to international co-productions. Through out his career, Kossakowski has demonstrated a keen eye for identifying promising film projects and has played a key role in bringing them to fruition. He is known for his strategic approach to film financing, often collaborating with various partners, investors, and production companies to secure funding for his projects. Kossakowski's success in the film industry can be attributed to his dedication, creative vision, and business acumen. He has been involved in the production of critically acclaimed films that have garnered recognition at film festivals and awards ceremonies worldwide. His contributions to independent cinema have earned him respect and admiration within the industry. In addition to his work as a film producer, Kossakowski is also involved in other aspects of the entertainment industry, his diverse skill set and extensive work make him a valuable asset to any film project.